Fly With British Airways Comair

Getting to know BA Comair
Comair Limited was founded in 1946, and is currently managed and owned by South Africans. BA Comair has been operating successfully within Southern Africa for more than six decades. This brand has revolutionised the South African travel industry.

The company vision is to ”deliver an awesome travel experience in the most efficient way.” This vision has been a clear guide for the way in which Comair operate, making flying easier and more affordable to every single customer.

Why travel with Comair?
Comair has provided consistent value, reliability and professionalism for close to 70 years, and it is still going strong.

Their safety record is recognised globally and they maintain an IOSA registration.
They are in the process of upgrading their entire fleet to Boeing 737-800’s, which offers higher seating capacity, lower engine emissions and fuel efficiency.

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