Fly with Kulula Airlines where travelling is as easy as a Sunday breeze

Welcome on board this kulula Airlines flight to Durban. Please pay attention to the safety announcement, because you will be writing a test shortly.” Kulula humour has been the unofficial trademark of South Africa’s first low cost airline since launching operations in 2001.

The name kulula is derived from the Zulu word for ‘easily’ and this is exactly how the airline operates. kulula wants you to feel like travelling is as easy as a Sunday breeze. I guess if you’re one of the top 10 airlines in Africa, and your staff is voted top 10 for airline staff in Africa 2016, making travel easy is no big feat.

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As a no frills, no fuss budget airline in South Africa, kulula Air aims to provide a hassle free experience for customers from check in, to their tongue-in-cheek inflight services and safety demonstrations. No matter which way you look at it, kulula Airlines really is a fun way to fly.

Why fly with kulula?

** Kulula believe their humour to be their trademark and which has in fact set them apart from the rest their fellow low-cost carriers.
** The only way to travel is with a smile. Take a look at kulula’s “seven tips to making friends on a plane”… Its Good vibes all the way!
** There is no reason to be separated from your loved ones when travelling with kulula when you can select A ‘Pre-Paid Seat’ when booking online from as little as R55.

Check Cheap Flights with Kulula now

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