Getting to know Mango Airlines, the Domestic Flight Airline

When someone in South Africa says they’re ‘flying Mango’ you could be forgiven for thinking they’re hurtling through the air on some kind of supernatural tropical fruit. Mango Airlines is one of South Africa’s leading low cost carriers and the budget arm of national carrier, South African Airways.

With its instantly recognizable orange colours, Mango Airlines first took to the skies in 2006 and continues to offer affordable flights to all major domestic hubs in South Africa. The Mango Airlines mission is simple: make domestic flying more accessible and fun for travellers within South Africa through cheap flight prices and great service.

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Stay connected while travelling with Mango by purchasing G-connect prepaid top up. With a prepaid top up, you can access either 3G, Wi-Fi, ADSL or In-Flight Wi-Fi.
Have a breather by taking advantage of Mango’s on-board entertainment for your kids. Keep your kids entertained from take-off to landing. Simply purchase and unwind.
You definitely want to be travelling with the airline that has been voted Africa’s favourite low-cost airline by travel agents

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