O.R. Tambo International Airport – Facilities

O.R. Tambo International Airport is Africa’s biggest and busiest airport, facilitating approximately 19 million passengers a year. More than 50 percent of South Africa’s air travelling passengers are facilitated through the airport.​

There is a wide choice of hotels available in and around the airport precinct. Please call the Gauteng Tourism Authority information desk, in the international arrivals terminal for information on +27 (0)11 390 3614/3602.

The City of Johannesburg’s official website, www.joburg.org.za also has a list of hotels near the airport.

Branches for the major banks in South Africa are located at O.R. Tambo International Airport as follows:

First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank: Terminal B – retail area
ABSA and African Bank: Terminal A – arrivals area
Automated teller machines (ATMs) can be found in the following locations:

Standard Bank-, FNB-, ABSA- and Nedbank ATMs are available in the food court area next to Wimpy and Spur
Standard Bank-, FNB-, ABSA- and Nedbank ATMs may be found on the retail level in the bank area
Standard Bank-, FNB- and Nedbank ATMs are located in Terminal A departures (next to Wandie’s restaurant)
Two ABSA ATMs may be found next to the ABSA bank branch in Terminal A arrivals
One Standard Bank ATM is available next to Khulula/BA/Comair ticket sales
Foreign exchange

Bidvest bank, Master Currency and Travelex are located in the arrivals area of Terminal A.

Chapel and prayer rooms

The airport has a chapel and a prayer area for Muslim passengers.

  • Christian Chapel – O.R. Tambo International Airport has a Christian Chapel open for prayer and quiet time to all passengers and airport staff 24/7. The chapel holds prayer and worship services on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 13h00. An evening service is held every second Wednesday at 19h00. The Chapel is situated on level 2 at the far side of Terminal B just above our clinic. For more info contact Trish on 0711640927 or 011 975 8491 or refer to the Chapel notice board
  • Muslim prayer facility – Our Muslim prayer facility is open 24/7 for prayer and quiet time. There is a Friday prayer service held just after noon with both a male and female facility. This facility is located in the basement parkade closest to Terminal A arrivals. For more info contact Ahmed on 0835443419.


​The Premier Conference Centre in the domestic terminal offers a modern and stylish environment for business meetings, conferences and seminars. It has three 10-seater rooms, a 12-seater room, a 14-seater room, a seminar facility for groups of 25 or 50, as well as a conference room for groups of 60 or 120.


Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) is committed to providing world-class facilities that meet the needs of all airport users. We focus on ensuring existing and new facilities within our airports meet the particular needs of disabled travellers and airport users.

In the multi-storey parkade at ORTIA there are disabled parking bays at all levels while the airport itself features special lifts, ramps, wheelchairs and toilets for the disabled.

Passengers who require assistance boarding and disembarking from aircraft can make arrangements with the relevant airline when booking.


O.R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) features ACSA’s innovative, self-service check-in kiosks, Flightcheck.

The Flightcheck kiosks significantly improve the passenger experience as they offer a secure and faster alternative to traditional check-in. They look much like ATMs and are easy to use with simple touch screens display icons and text instructions.

Please take note of the following:

Each airline check-in application is unique. Check in advance that your airline offers the Flightcheck service, and if so, whether the service applies apply to your particular route. Also check individual airline conditions of use and whether it caters for hand luggage only.
At the airport, you can proceed directly to a kiosk provided you have been issued with an e-Ticket. SAA also accepts paper tickets.


Airport Online, which offers Internet access, has a branch in the international departures terminal and two in the domestic terminal. One of these, open to the general public, is near the ATMs in the shopping area. The second, for use by passengers only, is between the main security point and the boarding gates.

The international departures terminal also offers a wireless option, which allows laptop users with wireless cards to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the departures hall – including from most of the restaurants in the terminal.

To download the operating instructions for Airport Online, please click here.

For more information of Wi-Fi, please click here.


The Airport Medical Clinic offers emergency treatment 24 hours a day, as well as:

Quick care and casualties;
General practitioners;
Travel vaccinations;
Malaria prophylaxis;
Aviation medicals;
Obesity treatment;Botox treatments;
Executive and employment medicals;
Counselling to combat stress and to stop smoking;
Hearing, pregnancy and cholesterol tests.
Contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)11 921 6609
Hotline: +27 (0)82 262 1490
Website: www.travelclinic.co.za


Baggage trolleys and full porter services are available in the demarcated areas of all airport terminals and along the drop-off zones. Visitors should only use porters who display ACSA permits and wear bright orange uniforms. A tip of R10 (Ten South African Rand) per bag is generally recommended.
​There is a post office at the international arrivals terminal, and you will find Postnet on the shopping level of the domestic terminal.


There are restrooms in all terminal buildings. Baby-changing facilities and other amenities for young children are available in most ladies restrooms.


  • Public telephones – There are public telephones in all terminals. Telephone services outlets can be found in the public concourse of the international arrivals terminal and in the holding lounge of the international departures terminal.
  • Mobile phone rentals – A Vodacom Superstore, on the shopping level of the domestic terminal, sells mobile phones, airtime top-ups and mobile phone accessories. The international terminal boasts a number of mobile phone shops and service providers.

VAT refunds

There are VAT refund desks in:

the public area of the international departures terminal (for use before check-in)
the holding lounge
+27 (0)11 390 1655
+27 (0)11 390 2545

Office numbers at Pamona, Kempton park are as follows :
+27 (0)87 310 0200
+27 (0)87 721 9764
+27 (0)87 721 9765

Fax number is +27 (0)86 503 9530

Physical Address :
Plot 206/ 1 High Road
Kempton Park
Postal Address :
P.O Box 107
O.R Tambo International Airport Post Office
South Africa

Email Addresses : generalquaries@taxrefunds.co.za

Email Addresses : Southern Africa Countries
Swaziland – Swaziland@taxrefunds.co.za
Botswana – Botswana@taxrefunds.co.za
Namibia – Namibia@taxrefunds.co.za

Please have all invoices stamped by customs officials (in the public concourse of the same terminal) before proceeding to the VAT refund outlet.

Viewing deck

Two public viewing decks are available at O.R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA). The domestic terminal (Terminal B) has a large viewing deck offering a 180 degree view of airside activities.

The international terminal has a viewing deck on the fourth floor of the northern wing. To get there, follow the signs from the international arrivals and departures escalators.

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