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Why fake it when Cheap-Flights.ws can help you to make it to the stunning cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Wherever you decide to go, we suggest you travel now because these deals won’t last long!

When can I book: Until 16th February 2017

When can I travel: Selected dates – deal can be withdrawn at any time!


Johannesburg  Dubai – R5,560
Johannesburg  Abu Dhabi – R5,560

Getting to know EgyptAir

Egyptair’s origins date way back, as far as pre-World War 2! Commencing with its first commercial flight in 1933 from Cairo International Airport which has become its hub of operation.

EgyptAir has come a long way in its 83 years of commercial service. Among the countless airlines found today, Egyptair is still able to offer relatively cheap flights to many destinations with dependable flight schedules and a good value for money flight experience.

Recently, to improve its flight connections and on-board flight conditions for travellers, it has joined Star Alliance, the largest airline network in the world.

Did you know? EgyptAir’s logo is Horus – the Winged God of the Sun

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Why fly with EgyptAir

  • EgyptAir has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2008
  • EgyptAir has been in operation for over 80 years
  • Winner of Africa’s leading Airline – Business Class in 2011 at the World Travel Awards





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